Royal Lake Resort is founded and owned by Abombuso Investment Group, a company that was given birth by Mr. Sbu Buthelezi, who is known as Radio Personality, Multi-awards winner, Business Strategist, Social Entrepreneur, and a Philantropist.

Abombuso Investment Group boasts amazing subsidiaries under its wing, that offer Benefit Scheme, value chain on Funeral Services, Built-industry, and promise to rule in the Hospitaliy and Property sectors. Royal Lake Resort (RLR) is owned by AIG, together with different investors whom invested through Timeshares and  equity acquisition. We are only countining down, before we resume the construction of  the very first RLR, in Pietermaritzburg, just 65 km from the beautiful City of Durban. The Development of RLR will extend to other Cities, such as eMthatha, East London and Port Elizabeth in Eastern Cape, Drakensburg, Ulundi, Richardsbay, Durban and La Mercy in KwaZulu-Natal, and eSwatini.

Investing for Generational Wealth

It is proven that investing in Property exceeds all other means of wealth creation, if one looks beyond today, and plan to create wealth for the generations to come. Anyone can have life-time ownership in the Property development, through different Investment options, such as acquiring apartments in any of our developments, and/or Timeshares, which ensures on-going income generation, as you can use your rooms to make profit, while you are sure to use them for your own vacation.

Get closer to your Wealth destiny

Today can be the historical day, where you did not just think, but took action towards investing and beginning an interesting journey to Property wealth. You can start from as minimal as R10 000.00 to R1 million, investing in our lucrative Property Wealth opportunities. Hospitality is one of the best sectors to invest, in the industry Real Estate. Stand up today and be counted among the wealthiest in Property economy.